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February 23, 2009



You are going to Love The Devil in the White City! Just as the review says, it is hard to believe it is a work of non-fiction. The two story lines are both fascinating (serial killer and world's fair). I never grasped the enormity of a world's fair, but the desriptions in this book are so vivid, it really brings home how huge this event was. They had a ferris wheel where the passenger cars were the size of railroad cars! This is a book I couldn't put down. If Erik Larson reads this comment, just put my check in the mail. Thanks

Jonny 5

This is a great book. Not only did they have a Ferris Wheel it was the first of its kind designed by a man named Ferris to one up the Eiffel Tower. It also shows how many things that we do and see today came from Chicago and more specifically the Columbian Exposition (world's fair). For example the pledge of allegiance that we all learned in grade school was written to honor opening day of the fair and that is just one small example. This is a must read.

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