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Irene Rhodes

With the technology we have today there is no reason each new home built and currently existing shouldn't be equipped with an exterior fire protection system. Not just any type of system but an effective proven system. This should accompany the strategies of building fire resistant homes and dealing with the forests that have devastating diseases. Continuing to use fire retardant to try to stop these fires is not working! Fire Prevention clearly needs to be the goal.

Change needs to come sooner. If one looks at the statistics for interior fire sprinkler systems and the positive effect they've had on the death and destruction that exists, it is clearly apparent that the equipment makes large differences.

When will people's minds shift that as firefighters we can only do so much, and it is critical for the evolution of wildfire protection to add a technology based application to help both firefighters and home/business owners?

People have a right to live where ever they choose. The fire department in those districts know they're going to have to protect that community within the WUI and the Urban areas both. The districts are tight on budget, and instead of thinking only defensible space will solve the problem, more needs to be done. Really defensible space is to protect firefighters at that property, allowing them to protect the home, as the residents pay the salaries of the firefighters. Clearly, saving the home without risking firefighters lives should be a goal. There are way too many homes threatened for firefighters to save them all.

Using automatic exterior fire protection systems, properly designed like the FOAMSAFE™ System, should accompany any defensible space or fire resistant building designs. It just doesn't make sense to not have a system that will automatically protect property from wildfire. If the state would be willing to give a rebate to those installing such systems, then residents would have incentive to do their part. Insurance companies are giving discounts for these systems but it's not enough. It's time to take a hard look and begin to support the installation of exterior fire protection systems and encourage residents to do so.

Joe DiModica

Community participation is a requirement. I see these tragedy fires continuing and getting worse.

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