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Terry Campbell

Congratulations Illinois.
Jessica Blackford has done a super job bringing communities together,being resourceful getting grants and distributing the program equally demographically and strategically throughout the State.

Radical Peak Performance

Why 'The Radical Peak Performance?' -
We seldom live our lives in our highest potential format and hence there is an obvious high scope for improvement, though this improvement can come if we unleash our potentials.
This seminar aimed at identifying patterns of restrictive beliefs that govern our lives and aimed at eliminating the negative influences of the past in order to make a fresh beginning.
The workshop also helped participants identify their own potentials in turn soaring their self confidence and esteem. Participants also learnt to use powerful tools to transform their lives and the lives of people around them. Participants transformed and bent rods with their neck and walked on 1000 degrees + of heat in the FIRE WALK activity!!! The workshop goes beyond a feel good factor empowering people to use powerful tools after this breakthrough experience.
The workshop helps participants excel in their professional life and change their outlook towards their life in totality. Powerful trigger based emails and creative followups would ensure participants bring about a shift in their Lives and operate out of peak performance in all areas of Life.

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