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sgt Jose A Velez

ask the professional electrician please make sure that you follow all codes all jobs to be done professionally make sure inspector checks all the work before and after on all old structures houses built in the 19 forties they're all cloth wires and those need to bought 2 code some of these houses who are very old should be inspected very carefully before the NEC got real straight on code .it is best to be safe than sorry As professional electrician that I am.always make sure that you have your latest book that comes out every 5 years safety comes first make sure you tell all your employees the same thing always get together will all electricians to make sure that things are done properly I am putting in this code of honor because I go straight to the book wouldn't out check your NEC Code Book even though you been doing it for many years every 5 years we got more code coming out.it is very important to follow all procedures life is precious and there is no money that can buy it back a house can burn to the ground but life cannot be replaced not even worth all the money in the worldif you are a homeowner make sure that you have smoke detectors if you use gas make sure you have the proper detectors on that make sure you have fire extinguishers if you have the funds they can afford it I recommend sprinklers that way when the fire department gets there it will be a lot easier to turn the fire off we've seen over the years all houses burnt to the ground because this city and States have not done their research to bring these homes up to code it is very important for all and it reaches to let their client know if they see any thing it can be of danger breaker panels excetera excetera it is very important you always go by the code when I do a job I check it at least 10 times in my song a lot to you guys this is my way of making sure that everything is correct anybody can make a mistake it is better to be safe than sorrythank you very much Sincerely Yours Joseph angel Velez / Jose Velez


We are so sorry for your loss of your son. Your story is a painful reminder about the danger of home fires. Thank you for sharing your story with us.

Jess Ballard

My son's name was Tristen he was killed in a house hold fire at the babysitters house . Everyone else in the house was able to get out beside my two year old son. I am 22 and my son was my only child. Prior to December 21,2011 I never knew how serious house fires were. I think everyone should be aware of the serious dangers of house fires. Please pay attention you may not think it will happen to your family, but believe me it could and it is a horrible loss.

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