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kraig Downey

there is a bit of confusion in the industry over multiple start buttons on machines. Most pepole refer to NFPA 79 However this rule applies to "cableless controls" WIFI controls I guess. It is a great rule and we as a company have been following a policy of almost exactly what is stated on this regulation... but we have been adhearing to this rule for some 65 years...long before it was written. We believe it is the answer or best answer to the multipule start button issue...unfortunately it is under that "CABLELESS" rule header. We believe it should cover all machines with more than one start button.

Mark Reeder

NFPA 110 is a life safety code I use every day. Part of my service is to make sure people are compliant and I primarily deal with hospitals. I take readings on equipment in hostile environments with multi megawatt generators running and cannot hold a laptop with one hand while I type with the other. When my windows tablet failed I was unable to replace it with anything but an android or iPad.

When I pay almost $1.00 per page for any publication I feel I own that copy. My name and a legal statement are printed on every single page! I can not use that purchase anywhere but a desk. Any other literature is easily accessible on my iPad.

Picture me asking a Hospital Engineering Director to “come outside so I can get a cellular signal to link up to my office computer. Then if we can get a cellular signal we can look at what the code says and decide the best way to meet this code.” Most engineers do not want to waste the time.

My resolution has been to say “I have to wait until I get to my computer and I will try to copy and paste the regulation we are talking about into an email so we can discuss it. If it is on the chart for recommended maintenance I can not copy and paste that so get your copy out and look it up so we can talk”.

Next I must drive numerous miles there and back for a scheduled meeting to discuss what could have been handled in 15 minutes while I was on site with material I purchased for $1.00 per page. [This is one code and I require 2 versions]

My fear as a NFPA member is that important codes are not accessible to people who use them every day. As a member of the NFPA I am concerned that soon different codes will be adopted that are accessible to everyone for a reasonable price with easy access rendering the NFPA inert.

My solution would be a standard pdf download with the companies name on each page. I would then allow companies that became members at a corporate rate based on the number of employees to have unlimited access with a cooperate name and the proprietary statement on each page . This would further imbed the NFPA into the reference for all government enforcement agencies.
In the state of Florida ACHA the authority having jurisdiction has not updated to the most recent code. Is this due to the cost for the state and all the people who must abide by it? Currently the people who must live by these codes are looking for an alternate solution that is more cost effective and usable.
Buying each code for each employee and each computer does not sound like a non profit corporation solution. The cost exceeds what most for profit corporations charge for literature and is not useable on more than 1 computer and is not available for a tablet.

As a member of NFPA I believe this is a large step towards pricing the NFPA out of business and should be adressed.

Sheila McShane

The content strategy seems to be well thought out with a careful balance recognizing emerging technology and also NFPA's business needs. It does seem a relevant challenge given the speed of technology. The search technolgy seems especially significant in that there is a short window of time when people are searching for specific code information for their own purposes.

Dwight Havens

Electronic versions of the code with their search capabilities have greatly enhanced my ability to quickly find the information that I an looking for. Unfortunately, the more e-based we have become, the greater the security challenges for importing information have become. Currently unable to purchase your Adobe based documents because they cannot be opened once they pass through security filters. Other Adobe based documents work fine. What is unique about yours, that could be causing this problem? I have to purchase paper copies in the meantime.

Lynn Kenney

Lee, that is a very interesting observation. Thanks for posting!

Lee Kolm

I just bought a book by Black and Decker called "Codes for Homeowners" for my own use at home. It has a large electrical section and reminds me of Mike Robert's observation that consumers might be a new customer segment for information about the codes. I'm doing some remodeling and found this book tremendously helpful.

Sharon Gamache

Thanks for sharing this description of the new content strategy.

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