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Nancy Pearce

Interesting thought. Are you talking about industrial dryer vents that may be considered confined spaces?

dryer vent cleaner

Will they also be including provisions for cleaning and maintenance? All the exits and vents in the world are useless if they're cluttered and dirty.

Nancy Pearce

Thank you! I will be posting a new blog item about once a week and would love to hear more about what you think should be included in a new document.

Fire Alarm Testing

Great ideas in a well thought out piece. Love the way you put your point over. I'll be looking for more from you.

Nancy Pearce

Great question Nick. The NFPA document is not intended to replace nor conflict with the OSHA standard. The document is intended to enhance the requirements found in the OSHA standard-to move above and beyond the minimum requirements set by OSHA. For example, OSHA requires gas monitoring but does not provide guidance on calibration or bump testing. We are hoping to build on the almost 20 years of experience with the OSHA standard to provide more prescriptive guidance to assist employers and safety professionals in providing the safest possible environment for confined space entry. Great lead in for my blog post later today that will deal with the existing standards and gaps in current information available for confined space entry.

Nick Markowitz jr.

OSHA already has a Document and Enforcement on confined space do we really need NFPA doing one also to just get things more confusing

Nancy Pearce

Glad you agree! There are a lot of us who are glad to see the development of a document that reflects the best and safest practices in the industry. We would love to hear back from you about what you would like to see in this document. Gas monitoring calibration frequencies? Best locations and practices for ventilation of confined spaces? Think outside the box!


That is so good to hear new confined space document to be developed by nfpa is already been processed.

Terry Davies

Very worthwhile development. The time has finally where safety truly comes first

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