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Thanks Sam,its really a good news,i will publish this news about NFPA codes on my website also.

John Sabo

How do I access my PDF of the 2012 70e? It won't come up on my laptop where I downloaded it, and I cannot find it anywhere on these pages.

Joseph Brinley

Thank you! I have PDFs going back to 99 on my tablet, now I can use my 2011 also. The PDFs are nice when I am out of the office and don't want to carry all five of these real world books.

Tomas Gosdin

I am in a position where i currently hold a state licence in residential light license for building houses. Now i work in a hospital and in a supervisory position with light commercial contactors everyday and supervising them with the current building specs,& codes... My license and credentials should be increased to the light commercial licence. How do I go about doing this? Please advise

Sam Driver

Hi Bob - the simple and better version you outlined is correct: all of the PDFs work the same way now. NFCSS PDFs and single purchase PDFs go through the same process of watermarking and neither contain the time-limiting function anymore. Both will work on any device and won't expire. If you have older copies of the file, go back to your NFPA profile and download a fresh copy. Then they'll work as you expect.

The only difference is in the license terms. If you've got any questions about your license, don't hesitate to send me an email and I can help you through the legalese.

Bob Schifiliti

Thanks, but I don't think I understand the answer. If I just buy a pdf copy of an NFPA doc, it will be watermarked and I agree to not copy or distribute AND it will never expire. Is that correct?

But, if instead I spend $$$$ for the full subscription service, when I download the pdf version it WILL expire at the end of my subscription and I will NOT be able to open it unless I spend another $$$$? Is that correct? Or, will the subsription copy work the same as a single purchase copy?

Sam Driver

Good question, Bob. The good news is that any DRM-free copy of the PDF won't expire. The license terms remain, so you'll be able to use it without hassle for as long as you maintain your subscription. Coupled with the ability to use the files on any tablet, this change should make it as easy as possible to use the codes when and where you need to.

Bob Schifiliti

What about subscriptions? If I download a pdf as part of my full code subscription, will it stop working if I do not renew the subscription? That is how it has worked in the past - despite many comapliant we were told that we were licensing, not buying.

Sam Driver

Faith, that is certainly not working as intended. Let's diagnose your problem. Our customer service experts can help fix your issue. You should hear from them soon, but you can always contact us at custserv @ nfpa.org.

Faith Ortins

Not so good. Lost all my previously purchased documents. New computer, none of the purchased documents show up in profile.


Timely I need this NFPA codes. Thanking so much for your good news.

Gary Conway

This is fabulous news, I look forward to getting all my codes on my tablet!
Kudos to NFPA - and thank you.

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