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Angela M. Deisley

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Millard Hiner

I am usually to blogging and i genuinely appreciate your content regularly.


Great article! I've been wanting to learn more about the ways that society is taking to protect our children, and this gave me some great insight. Thanks for sharing!

Jason | http://www.patriotheatingandac.com/air-conditioning/

rodney lee

I have a problem with a new installation of duct det. in 5 new sorority houses.
The size of two of the air handling units are above the 2000 cfm rating requiring gthem to have duct detectors in them. Is there and eception to this rule because of the placement of them are under the houses and creating ground fault troubles on my fire alrm panel. This is an addressable panel with a great number of programming opertunities. They are 4010es from simplex and I think that we can program them to sut the units down on general alarm and remove the duct det. under the house where moisture and condisation is a problem.

H E L P!!!!!!

Bill Shields

As long as they have something to protect the (http://www.academymechanical.com/corporate-profile.html) hvac systems there. That is one way how the smoke spreads and starts causing people to suffocate. Had a house fire up in Edmonton once, awhile ago. It almost killed my little girl because of the vents. That was a scary day.

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This is really a good technology, is what has been discussed above is in fire smoke exit path to slow rescue choice. This is a very good and considerable NFPA step

Mike Cornelia

I work in a school and am required to manage the maintenance for the building. We have an HVAC repair man come in once a month to check out the smoke dampers because they are a big part of our evacuation plan. It is so important to do this with the amount of children we are responsible for.


It can instantly near smoking dampers in the HVAC system and launch smoking and flame gates.

Natalie Diaz

This is really a nice technique that is being discussed above as during the fire the smoke in the exit paths can slow down the rescue option .This is a very nice and appreciable step by NFPA

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